A Balance

Yuko and her small crew make a documentary that wants to tell the true story behind a scandal involving a female student and her teacher. But she soon discovers that her own father had an affair with one of his students, and she has to question her own values. 

In A Balance, documentary filmmaker Yuko wants to uncover the truth behind a case that involves a double suicide and a social outcry that completely ruined the lives of both families. The TV channel producers prefer the case presented as a student-versus-faculty deal, while Yuko is set to present the whole picture, which involves interviewing the families of both deceased. The truth also turns out to be more complicated than Yuko had anticipated. She struggles to make things right, but only gets drawn in deeper into the consequences of media exposure and eager-to-judge Japanese society.

With his second feature film, director Yujiro Harumoto interrogates the notion of truth: how truth as experienced by one can differ from how truth is portrayed, and can facts be related without becoming intertwined with the narrator's own story? Filmed in realistic style, with a hand-held camera, A Balance also casts an uncompromising look at the culture of shame in Japan and the media's role in it. 


Yujiro Harumoto (b. 1978) was born in Kobe, Japan and studied at Nihon University College of Art. He gained experience in the directing department at Shochiku Kyoto Studio under the aegis of filmmakers such as Akira Inoue and Shigeru Ishihara, before directing his first feature, Kazoku e (2016). He also wrote and directed his second feature film, A Balance, which received several international awards.  


2016 Kazoku e / Going the Distance 

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