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Greek filmmaker and musician Alexander "The Boy" Voulgaris’s seductive and enigmatic Winona tells the story of four young women spending a day on a sunny, beautiful beach. They all have glasses, none of them is named Winona. What secret hides behind their games?

Four young women head out to a secluded, picturesque beach, where they enjoy the sun, the ocean and their more or less loose conversations. A simple premise for a seemingly simple narrative, where the imaginative and pop-culturally charged stories and games the protagonists challenge each other with create both complexity and mystery.

This playful, intimate and seductive film combines noble simplicity with captivating music, cinematic finesse – shot on 16mm film – and the kind of melancholy that sometimes accompany idle summer days. Winona is written and directed by up-and-coming (if the term still applies to someone with such an extensive filmography) Greek filmmaker Alexander «The Boy» Voulgaris, who also shares credit for the score together with Miss Trichromi. Among the actors is Daphne Patakia, who recently starred opposite Matt Dillon in Yorgos Lanthimos' short film Nimic and will soon appear in Paul Verhoeven's Benedetta.

This film was chosen by Norwegian film critic Aleksander Huser.



Alexander Voulgaris, also known as The Boy, was born in 1981 in Athens, and works as a film director and musician. He has acted in and written original music for several films, directed music videos and theater plays, and performed in over 400 concerts.


2020 Gymnastirio / Gym
2016 Nima / Thread
2012 Higita
2006 Roz / Pink
2003 Klais? / Crying?

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