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Filmed from the point-of-view of teenager Lyz Lopez, Slalom is a powerful film that tells the story of a promising athlete whose relationship to her coach becomes strained as his interest in her shifts from professional to personal.

Lyz Lopez's dream to become a pro skier is taking shape as she joins a prestigious ski training camp and boarding school for promising athletes. Her mother is absent, and Fred, her ski coach, soon becomes her figure of reference. If at first he is very strict, he is also supportive and encouraging, and the relationship between student and coach takes a more and more personal turn. If initially positive, this association becomes increasingly toxic for the teenager. Can Lyz find her way out of her coach's influence?

Set against the backdrop of the French Alps, Slalom addresses the topic of abuse with depth and complexity, focusing on the emotions of Lyz. For her directorial debut in a feature film, Charlène Favier impresses with an engaging film that deals with the vulnerability of teenagehood and imbalances of power in relationships. And young actress Noée Abita shines through with an emotional performance that presages a great career.


Charlène Favier (b. 1984) is a producer, actor and director from France. She spent her childhood years in Val d’Isère, and at 24 founded her own production company, Charlie Bus Production. She graduated from the FEMIS script workshop in 2015 and directed several short films and documentaries. Slalom is her first feature film.


2018 Odol Gorri (Short film)
2012 Free Fall (Short film)
2010 Is everything possible, Darling? (Documentary)

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