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When a young man settles in the neighborhood, it turns out to be a welcome change for Mare. A mother of three, her days are spent doing various household tasks; but her to-do list is about to change as her focus drifts away from her family.

In her third collaboration with director Andrea Štaka, Marija Škaričić plays the titular role of Mare, a mother of three. While airplanes soar across the sky above her, reminding her of all the places she’s never been, Mare calmly balances all the mundane tasks of her ordinary life. Everyday jobs like cleaning and cooking for her husband and teenage kids quickly fade in the background when a young stranger moves in next door. This new presence challenges her to look at life from a new perspective.

Shot on 16mm film, Mare is a strong female portrait enhanced by the coarse and grainy look of the film roll. Just like the images flickering before us, Mare’s life is rough and rich in contrast. The camera is constantly kept close to her, which creates an intimate viewing experience, while also making it obvious why Škaričić won the Best Actress award at the Sarajevo International Film Festival.


Andrea Štaka (b. 1973) is a Swiss director, writer and producer born in Lucerne. Her debut film, Das Fräulein, won four awards at the 2006 Locarno International Film Festival. Štaka studied film at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich and splits her time between Zürich and New York. Mare is her third feature film.


2014 Cure: The Life of Another
2006 Das Fräulein / Fraulein
2001 Yugodivas (Documentary)

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Thursday 21. january

Kl 14:30
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