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In a small village in the cold Yakutia region of Russia, she is simply called "Scarecrow". She is feared and rejected, yet the locals are constantly seeking her help. With her healing powers, she performs rituals to cure illnesses.

She is despised, threatened, beaten, and spat on. When the inhabitants of the small community still need her help, they seek out her lonely, dilapidated house. As a last resort, when no medication or cure works, they beg "Scarecrow" to heal the sick, impotent or to assist a birth. Healing others through her powers and ritual practices is both her gift and the curse. When she tries to help, she also sacrifices herself. She swears that every time will be the last, yet she cannot resist performing her legendary rituals.

Horror scenes and violence are mixed with beautiful, frozen landscapes and complex emotions in Dmitry Davydov's third feature film. The award-winning Scarecrow conveys the harsh, authentic, and mystical culture of the Yakutia region through mythology, rites, beliefs, and storytelling. The lead role is convincingly portrayed by ethnic singer and non-professional actress Valentina Romanova-Chyskyyray. 


Dmitrii Davydov (b. 1983) is a self-taught Russian director, screenwriter and actor. Through his film productions, he has contributed to convey the local culture of the Yakutia region of Eastern Russia. Scarecrow won the main prize at the Kinotavr Film Festival in Sochi, Russia's biggest film festival.


2020 Pugalo / Scarecrow
2019 Net boga krome menya / There Is No Got but Me
2016 Kostior na vetru / The Bonfire

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