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The Big Lebowski is a cult classic that blends comedy and hard-boiled crime into a higher unity. We follow "The Dude" on an absurd, chaotic, and hysterically funny journey into the Los Angeles underworld.

Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) is a laid-back, unemployed bowling enthusiast who one day is mistakenly identified as a millionaire and attacked by three thugs. The incident leads to a series of complications and encounters with odd characters, all tied together by The Dude's desire to rectify an absurd injustice—the thugs' urination on his precious rug!

The Big Lebowski is a vibrant patchwork of neo-noir and comedy, offering a Coen-esque perspective on American culture. The story offers a maelstrom of severed body parts, German nihilists, high-flying artists, bowling tournaments, and, most importantly, great humor from a cast of actors at the top of their game, including Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, and Philip Seymour Hoffman in unforgettable roles.

The Big Lebowski holds a distinctive place in the Coen Brothers' filmography. While it may not have been a massive commercial success upon its initial release in 1998, it has since gained a strong cult following and is often regarded as one of the Coen Brothers' most beloved and iconic films.


Joel Coen (b. 1954) and Ethan Coen (b. 1957) are American directors and screenwriters from Minnesota. They made their debut Blood Simple in 1984 and have since made a number of critically acclaimed movies. They won the Best Picture Oscar in 2008 with No Country for Old Men. Both graduated from Simon's Rock Early College in Great Barrington, MA.


2018 The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
2007 No Country for Old Men
2000 O Brother, Where Art Thou?
1996 Fargo
1990 Miller's Crossing
1984 Blood Simple

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