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Andrea Bagney makes her feature film debut with a love story that reflects on missed opportunities, commitment, and ultimately our own mortality. It is a tribute to the city of Madrid and to cinema through a portrait of a woman in her thirties.

Ramona (Lourdes Hernández), an aspiring actress, has just moved to Madrid with her boyfriend after a long stay abroad. She lives a comfortable life but is not quite where she wants to be. By chance, she meets an older man in a bar the day before her first audition. They immediately have a lot in common and spend the whole day together without exchanging names. When she shows up at the audition the next day, it turns out that the man from yesterday is Bruno (Bruno Lastra), the film's director. And he is in love with her.

Andrea Bagney debuts with her first feature film with this beautiful story about love, doubt, and life choices. Shot in black and white (with the exception of what happens in front of the director's film camera) and with a soundtrack that takes you back to the old days, it pays tribute to the films of directors such as Woody Allen and Billy Wilder. What begins as a chance meeting turns into a spontaneous and fiery, but at the same time uncertain and very human story.


Andrea Bagney is a Spanish film director and screenwriter. She studied Modern History and Politics at Royal Holloway in London. She has always written stories and experimented in different fields before deciding to make films. She is self-taught and produced her first short film, Max: A Doha Story, on her own.


2013 Max: A Doha Story (short)

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