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Lena is crushed by her husband’s possible infidelity and decides to pay him back in his own coin. It doesn’t take long before the situation is out of control, and her revenge is beginning to cost her dearly.

“The suffering comes at the end", Sergei explains about his new play. For his wife, Lena, the suffering starts from the beginning. She finds a suspicious text message from another woman on Sergei’s phone, and her life starts to fall apart. Instead of confronting her husband, she decides to restore balance her own way. She embarks on sexual encounters with random strangers, in an increasingly intricate game. Even as she is undeniably losing control, she cannot seem to stop.

In this Russian drama we see Lena’s sexual awakening after having been in a passionless relationship for too long. Evgeniya Gromova plays Lena with subtle nuance, hinting at the underlying psychological drama happening on her erotic journey. This is a film subtly talking about emancipation, gender roles, power, and the necessity of good communication in relationships.


Nigina Sayfullaeva (b. 1985) hails from Dushanbe in Tajikistan. She graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities with a major in art history and has also studied at The High Courses of Screenwriters and Film Directors in Moscow. Her film Name Me was shown at TIFF in 2016.


2017 Pro lyubov. Tolko dlya vzroslykh / About Love. For Adults Only
2014 Kak menya zovut / Name Me
2011 Shipovnik / Dogrose (Short film)

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Saturday 23. january

Kl 17:30
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