Framing the Invisible

Award-winning cinematographer Øystein Mamen elaborates on his approach to portraying people through the camera, and how he has applied this experience in the making of his directorial debut Punishment at TIFF.

After 15 years of working as a cinematographer in features and documentaries - with directors such as Ole Giæver, Margreth Olin, Erik Skjoldbjærg and Dag Johan Haugerud - Mamen has now ventured into directing.

In this talk, Mamen will touch on various issues on the theme of portrayal, from a personal point of view. It will span the correlation between space and emotion; the contrast of still images and moving ones; the significance of what is not filmed; and the importance of introspection during filming.

A talk for those interested in film, photography and the representation of reality in visual art.

"Why do I picture? For me, this question needs to be alive. The moment I know why or don't care, I don't think I can continue. I picture because I don't know."

Punishment will have its World Premiere at TIFF.

Time: January 17th at 5 pm
Location: Perspektivet Museum

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Wednesday 17. january

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