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La Maternal is not afraid to show an unsentimental portrait of teen pregnancy in the Spanish countryside. We get served an honest and unpolished chronicle of the trials and tribulations of our young heroine.

Carla lives in a small village outside Barcelona with her mother who is more interested in her new boyfriend than what her daughter is up to. With both an unstable home life and an unstable temper, the fourteen-year-old spends her days with her best friend Efrain. They ride bikes, play football, dance (Carla loves to dance) – and commit vandalism. When Child Welfare Services show up, they discover that Carla is five months pregnant. She is moved to a home for underage mothers and will have to find a new path through life.

Amazingly portrayed by Carla Quílez, Carla is a youngster who doesn't immediately come across as particularly charming or pleasant, but she slowly wins the audience's hearts. Director Pilar Palomero has chosen to use amateur actors who tell their own stories of teenage pregnancy. This is a move that works well and adds authenticity to the film. The friendship and cohesion between the characters add warmth and humor to an engaging story.


Pilar Palomero (b. 1980) is a Spanish director and screenwriter. She was born in Zaragoza and studied at the University of Zaragoza and the ECAM in Madrid, where she got a degree in cinematography. She was awarded two Feroz Awards and two Goya Awards for her first feature film, Schoolgirls.


2021 Letters from the Ends of the World (documentary)
2020 Las Niñas / Schoolgirls
2016 La noche de todas las cosas / The Night of All Things (short)
2012 Chan Chan (short)
2005 Sonrisas (short)

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