Perfect Days

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Hirayama is a modest man who works as a janitor of public toilets in Tokyo. He leads an uncomplicated life and finds joy in his daily routines. But when his niece appears, the balance in his life is disrupted. This is an elegantly crafted film about human relationships and the simple life.

Every morning, Hirayama wakes to the sound of the street outside his house being swept. He brushes his teeth, waters the flowers, dons his work clothes, buys a coffee, and gets in his car to drive to his job as a janitor of public toilets. We follow the mostly silent Hirayama through his morning routine, his dutiful journey through the workday, and when he seeks refuge in a nearby park at lunchtime. Director Wim Wenders conjures a visual symphony of this ordinary life. But Hirayama's balanced and simple life is disrupted when people intrude and bring forth memories of a complicated past. In these encounters with other people, Perfect Days is jolted out of its simple rhythm.

Wim Wenders has created a masterful portrait of a life-loving loner. The film's enigmatic protagonist is portrayed by the Japanese acting legend Koji Yakusho. He was awarded the Best Actor award at Cannes for this unforgettable performance. This is not a film characterized by dramatic events, but a film where the essence of life unfolds. Along the way, we get to hear classic songs from artists like The Rolling Stones, Patti Smith, The Kinks, and, of course, Lou Reed.


Wim Wenders (b. 1945) is a renowned German filmmaker. Wenders is celebrated for his visually stunning and thought-provoking films that often explore themes of identity, longing, and existentialism. His contributions to world cinema have solidified his place as a respected auteur.


1987 Wings of Desire
1984 Paris, Texas
1977 The American Friend
1974 Alice in the Cities

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