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Experience 1980s New York through the captivating lens of Dog and Robot. This animated comedy is a tale of the magic of friendship with heartfelt humor, soul-stirring music, and an extraordinary soundscape. Every frame feels like a nostalgic dream.

Loneliness takes an unexpected turn for Dog when he orders a package from a TV shop, leading to the discovery of his newfound companion, Robot. Together, they embark on an exploration of a colorful 80s New York, encountering punks and rollerbladers. When a predicament arises on the beach, Dog and Robot take us on a cinematic journey through the urban jungle, unraveling a dream world and exposing the city's true heart.

Robot Dreams is a dialogue-free animated comedy that plays with nostalgia, drawing inspiration from vintage video games, popular culture, and classic films. Each scene unfolds as a symphony of the city's vibrant sounds and sensory impressions, with the background emerging as a pivotal character. With its witty humor and heartwarming moments, the film is an invitation to laughter, reflection, and a celebration of the universal human experience.


Pablo Berger, born in 1963 in Bilbao, Spain, has made a name for himself with films such as Blancanieves (2012) and now Robot Dreams. His films often play on nostalgia.


2017 Abracadabra
2012 Blancanieves
2003 Torremolinos 73

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