Strangers on a Train

In Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller classic two men consider the perfect crime: If they commit each other’s murder, no one will connect them to the killings. And who will suspect two strangers of being in cahoots?

Two men on a train strike up a conversation. Tennis player Guy is unhappily married to an unfaithful wife but is trapped in the marriage. The other man, Bruno, wants his father dead so he can collect his inheritance, and proposes the perfect plan: They both have someone they want to get rid of, but if they swap victims, there will be no clear motive for the murders. Guy does not accept the deal, but Bruno carries out his part of it on his own initiative, before insisting that Guy owes him a murder.

Strangers on a Train is based on Patricia Highsmith’s first novel, and its pitch-black premise suits director Alfred Hitchcock – “the Master of Suspense” – perfectly. This is a magnificently effective and entertaining thriller that includes numerous examples of Hitchcock’s masterful instincts for visual storytelling, and not least his ability to create hair-raising tension. As the diabolical Bruno, Robert Walker creates one of film history’s most memorable villains.


Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) is considered one of the most influential directors in film history. He was born in England, and made his greatest classics in Hollywood in the 1950s and -60s. In 2012, his film Vertigo (1958) was named the greatest film of all time by the film magazine Sight & Sound, and it kept the title until 2022.


1963 The Birds
1960 Psycho
1958 Vertigo
1954 Rear Window
1948 Rope

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