Full Time

Julie lives in a village outside Paris with her 2 children. Her fast-paced life starts at dawn and ends late after a long commute. But a national transit strike and problems at work threaten the fragile balance she has built. 

Julie is a divorced mother of two who has chosen to live away from Paris to raise her children in a calm environment. But theprice she pays is her long commutes morning and evening, forcing her to leave the house at dawn to drop her children at the nanny's, and to come back late. She has long shifts in a palace hotel where no mistake is allowed. Already on the brink of burn-out, Julie is confronted with new challenges when a national traffic strike seriously disturb her life rhythm and threatens an opportunity to get a new job.

This high-tempo film brings us right into the stressful life of Julie, and the stress and tension of her life echo in our own bodies as viewers. What starts as an intimate drama almost becomes a thriller as we wonder how Julie will face the difficult choices she is confronted with. For his second feature, Éric Gravel signs an impactful film, with Laura Calamy – known for her role in the Netflix series Call My Agent – as a convincing lead.


Éric Gravel is a French-Canadian director. His first short film, Ce n'était qu'un rêve, came out in 2004, followed by Eau Boy in 2007. His feature debut, Crash Test Aglaé, is a comedy featuring Julie Depardieu and Yolande Moreau. Full Time is his second feature film, and was nominated in the Horizons category of the Venice International Film Festival in 2021.  


2017 Crash Test Aglaé
2007 Eau Boy (Short) 
2004 Ce n'était qu'un rêve (Short)

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