Light of My Life

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The father tells his daughter a story. They are in a tent in the dark woods. What follows is a stark character study about this small family, navigating a post-epidemic world. They sleep in their tent and sometimes in uninhabited houses, wary of other people. They journey through the outskirts of society just to keep the daughter's identity hidden. We soon realize a pandemic has wiped out half the world's population, mainly women. The remaining men are a threat. In this gloomy world, he cuts her hair short, dresses her like a boy and calls her "Alex" in front of others.

LIGHT OF MY LIFE is a dystopian thriller about survival in a perverted world. Casey Affleck is both directing and acting as the father who wishes he could hide his little girl forever. But she is coming of age and starts imposing her own will.


Casey Affleck (b. 1975) began his career as an actor as early as 1988 (LEMON SKY). In 2017 he received an Academy Award as Best Male Actor for his role in MANCHESTER BY THE SEA. As a director, he first got noticed in collaboration with Joaquin Phoenix in I'M STILL HERE (2010). This controversial mockcumentary won the Biografilm Award in Venice 2010. In LIGHT OF MY LIFE he is both director and screenwriter, and plays the lead role.



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