The Visitors

A young anthropologist moves with her husband and three sons to Svalbard, Norway, to study how life in polar regions is changing. After falling in love with her new home, she discovers that more than icebergs and permafrost are vanishing in the Arctic.

Zdenka has received a grant to do research on the impact of globalization on the inhabitants of the world‘s northernmost town, Longyearbyen. Through interviews with residents, she begins to perceive how heterogeneous the small local community actually is, while also revealing tensions that lie beneath the surface. Soon, she finds herself personally affected by her research. Zdenka has to work out the extent to which she can get involved in the community that she intended only to observe. And what about her own future, will she be able to settle down here for good?


Veronika Lišková graduated both from Charles University and the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She made a few TV documentaries before completing a feature-length debut entitled Daniel’s World which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2015. The Visitors is her second feature documentary.

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Wednesday 18. january

Kl 19:00
Fokus 2 (Bonordsalen)

Friday 20. january

Kl 09:00
Hålogaland Teater

Saturday 21. january

Kl 09:15
Fokus 4


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