The Night of the Beast

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Two teenagers are trying to make their way to the first-ever Iron Maiden concert in Bogotá, Colombia. The day starts with great expectations, but takes a turn for the worse when the two young boys are robbed and their precious tickets are gone.

It's a big day and friends Vargas and Chuki agree that there is no point in going to school: Iron Maiden will have a concert later in the evening. The excitement makes the pair try to distract themselves from the restlessness by walking around the city, but they get robbed of their concert tickets. Walking aimlessly through Bogotá’s alleys before and after their day is wrecked, the two boys' friendship is tested again and again. But it always helps to have something in common, such as songs like "Aces High" and "The Trooper".

While the film itself is fictional, it is based on true events from 2008, when metal heads journeyed to see the iconic metal band play its first concert in this country. In this movie, director Mauricio Leiva-Cock focuses on the relationship between the two friends: two careful and curious guys filled with great hopes towards. The film also addresses the relationship of the boys towards their parents, as the youngsters are largely left to their own devices. 


Columbian director Mauricio Leiva-Cock (b. 1983) graduated in film directing and screenwriter from Columbia University, New York City. He lives in Bogotá where he works as film editor, screenwriter and director. His films have received awards in several festivals worldwide. The Night of the Beast is his first feature film.


2017 Mariposas / Butterflies (Short film)
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2017 Tsuki (Short film)
2015 Los Kaotikos (Short film)
2013 Bite (Short film)

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