The Tundra Within Me

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The Tundra Within Me is an exploration of love, heritage, and the resilience of the human spirit set in contemporary Northern Norway.

Lena, a Sámi artist, returns to Northern Norway's enchanting winter landscape with her young son. For an ambitious art project, she wants to explore the intricacies of gender roles within reindeer herding. She falls in love with Matthe, a reindeer herder, and as they grapple with their newly emerged feelings, they also feel the weight of tradition and expectations from others. Matthe's mother, the family's matriarch, becomes a formidable barrier to their blossoming romance. Lena must confront decisions from her past that haunt her as she strives for love and acceptance.

Set against the mesmerizing ice-clad landscapes and the ethereal dance of the northern lights, The Tundra Within Me delivers a visual and emotional spectacle. The film intimately captures the essence of reindeer herding and nature, weaving a poignant narrative that navigates love's ardor and societal resistance. Simultaneously, it delves into the rich cultural roots and gender dynamics within the reindeer herding community.


Sara Margrethe Oskal is a director, screenwriter, actress and poet who grew up in a herding family in Kautokeino. She has herded reindeer for ten years. She holds a PhD in Performing Arts and was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize for Tireless Words in 2016.


2023 The Fox (short)
2018 Daughter of the Sun (short)
2014 Aurora Keeps an Eye on You (short)

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