Suprême NTM is one of France’s most legendary and successful rap groups, which ruled the hip-hop stage in the 90’s. This is the story of how they came together and eventually became the voice of their generation.

It's the end of the 80s, and there are violent protests in France. There are constant violent confrontations between the police and the frustrated youth. For many, rap and hip hop become a way to express their anger, and the rappers carry the voice of the underprivileged in the suburbs. Among them are two young men who will soon take on the names JoeyStarr and Kool Shen, and form the group Suprême NTM. Their success grows with their notoriety, and soon they are France's biggest rappers. But as always, fame comes at a price, including potentially severing the once close bond between the two rappers.

The film is true to the energy and attitude of the group. It’s angry and charming at the same time, rhythmic and seductive. It showcases many of their greatest hits, as well as the social context that inspired them. If you are not already a fan of Suprême NTM, this film could quickly change that.


NB! The screening of Supremes on Thursday 20 January at 16h30 in Fokus 4 is part of the TIFF Ung program. This screening is reserved for 15-19 years old.
Tickets for the show will only cost 50, - and festival bracelets will be handed out at the shows to those who lack it.


Audrey Estrougo (b. 1982) is a French writer and director. She debuted with Regarde-moi in 2007 at the age of 26. Suprêmes is her sixth feature, and was shown out of competition at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.


2020 À la folie / By Your Side
2015 La taularde / Jailbirds
2014 Une histoire banale / An Ordinary Story
2010 Toi, moi, les autres / Leila
2007 Regarde-moi

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Wednesday 19. january

Kl 12:30
Fokus 1

Thursday 20. january

Kl 16:30
TIFF Young (15-19)
Fokus 4


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