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For brothers Francis and Michael, the road toward adulthood is paved with adversity, grief and violent street justice. The responsibility they feel for their loved ones weighs heavily on their shoulders. Brother is an elegant and haunting drama.

Brothers Francis and Michael grow up with their mother in 1990s Toronto. Their father has left, and in his absence older brother Francis takes the role of the man of the house, and as Michael’s protector and mentor. The responsibility that rests on Francis’ shoulders turns him into a complex, enigmatic and often remote figure.

Brother follows the brothers as kids and as teenagers, to an adulthood where the scars from their upbringing remain unhealed. Director Clement Virgo delicately weaves the three timelines together and forms a portrayal of two young men struggling to navigate life via the masculine tropes they are forced to inhabit. However, Virgo seeks to peel away the facade, and show the vulnerability suppressed beneath. Brother is a deeply moving drama featuring terrific performances across the board – especially Aaron Pierre as Francis, whose shadow looms over the entire film.


Clement Virgo (b. 1966) is a Jamaican-born Canadian film and TV director. He also runs the production company. Conquering Lion Pictures. Virgo has directed several award-winning feature films, in addition to episodes of TV shows such as The Wire, The L Word, and Empire.


2007 Poor Boy’s Game
2005 Lie With Me
2000 Love Come Down
1997 The Planet of Junior Brown
1995 Rude

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