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Emil Trier's Trust Me is documentary film at its very best. It tells a story that is elegant and surprising, but at the same time rich in perspectives. The engaging story is used to suggest larger questions and important issues that concern us all.

Trust Me goes straight into some of the most important questions we can ask as human beings: What is a human being's identity? What is trust and credibility? And what happens when trust and confidence are abused, or used to cover up lies? In addition to illuminating these thematic motifs, the film is a fast-paced, well-told story.

It's about authenticity and lies, about scams and persuasion strategies, and about identity and cheating. The story of the young swindler Waleed Ahmed is almost bigger than life. Although it is primarily about how to cheat your way to fast money, and about how a financial balloon is inflated to larger and larger dimensions until it bursts, the film also asks questions that are important far beyond the business world. (Excerpt from Gunnar Iversen's analysis of the film on Montages.)


Emil Trier (b. 1981) graduated from The European Film College in Denmark and has a Bachelor's degree in Film and Aesthetics. He has directed a number of music videos, short films and documentaries – including The Norwegian Solution, Board Control and High Point. With Trust Me, he has made his first full-length theatrical documentary.


2014 High Point (Short)
2009 The Norwegian Solution (Short)
2006 Brettkontroll / Board Control (Short)

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