The Xn conference will function as a meeting place and give inspiration for creative industries.

Xn TIFF has an extra focus on the film industry, but will presents new trends, visions and concrete experiences that will hit all actors in the creative and artistic field. This year's conference addresses topics around challenges and opportunities for a greener art and culture production and how to create fruitful industry collectives. A focus on how the music industry and the film industry find new forms of collaboration. We look at developments in virtual production and Unreal Engine. And we are visited by Oscar nominated makeup designers.


11.30 Registration and lunch service

12.00 Opening by Linda Beate Randal, Regional Director of Innovation Norway Arctic

12.10 Session 1: Virtual Production
How far has technology come, and what opportunities lie in the new generation of Unreal Engine and Virtual Production (VP)? How can the Norwegian film industry produce better and more efficiently with VP? How can the tools be used in different creative industries?

Adrian Lervåg Skår and Jon Sverre Høiden from the company XVISION are among the foremost in the field.
Ismet Bachtiar from Tvibit in Tromsø will talk about their commitment to this technology.

12.45 Session 2: Collective cooperation
How to succeed with an industry collective? What does it take for it to work and what is the benefit of such a collaboration?

Dine Fenger Lynge from Daiddadallu in Kautokeino and Inge Wegge from Lofoten Film Collective share their experiences.
13.10 Pause

13.20 Session 3: Music and film
Dissemination of music has long been a regular part of the film medium through more or less traditional music videos. But in recent years, and especially in the pandemic era, we see many examples of exciting projects where the music industry uses the film medium in new ways to convey music. In this meeting between industries, filmmakers also find room for new artistic expressions.

We will take a closer look at several such projects. Each with its unique starting point and goals.

Wachito Rico: The 5-part Movie - Boy Pablo music video visuals
IN SOMNIUM - music film with Highasakite
Northern Expo - export of artists from northern Norway
Bukta Sessions - film series focusing on local and regional artists

Fabio Enzo and Kristine Bjørnstad from 777 MUSIC
Director Arild Østin Ommundsen and Highasakite
Marianne Saus, festival director at Bukta Open Air Festival
Fredrik Forssman (moderator), project manager for Northern Expo

IN SOMNIUM will have its world premiere the same day at TIFF's Winter Cinema. The entire Wachito Rico: The 5-part Movie series is also shown. The Northern Expo and Bukta Sessions films will also premiere during the festival.
14.20 Pause

14.45 Session 4: Green production
The importance of and desire to make cultural production greener is growing. But how?

Two years ago, the film company Babusjka initiated the tool Green Producers Club for the advertising film industry. In 2022, a new tool will be launched for the entire cultural sector. Initiator Mads Astrup Rønning tells the story of how a small, private initiative can become the production industry's solution for cutting and measuring CO2 footprints. The Alta-based production company Rein Film has been involved in trying out the tool and sharing its experiences. In addition, we have skier and filmmaker Nikolai Schirmer who goes his own way to meet these challenges.
15.20 Session 5: The Makeup Designers
From Umeå to Hollywood. Makeup artists Love Larson and Eva von Bahr have reached all the way to major Hollywood productions and Oscar nominations (now also short-listed to Oscar for their latest work in the blockbuster film Dune). The Makup Designers visit us to tell us about their journey. We look forward to being inspired!



Target group for the seminar:
Creative industries / film industy

Language: Please note that this event is in Norwegian only

Alfheim Svømmehall

Tuesday 18 January at 12.00-16.00 (coffee and snack served from 11.30)

Tickets are on sale now

Andreas Andersen Sjøvoll

Tromsø International Film Festival
Innovation Norway

Supported by Troms og Finnmark fylkeskommune

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