FAQ - TIFF Digital

We are continuing to offer a selection of films from the festival program on VOD. Here are some questions and answers about TIFF Digital.

How do I watch a TIFF film on my TV, PC or another preferred screen?

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Do I have to have a ticket for TIFF Digital?

Yes, you will need a ticket to see a film on TIFF Digital, just as you would at TIFF.

Where can I buy tickets?

All ticket sales take place online, either by way of the program-page at tiff.no or at the TicketCo website.

Can I use my TIFF ticket card?

Yes, you can pay with a TIFF ticket card, a credit/debit card or with Vipps.

What's the ticket price?

A single ticket costs NOK 125, the same as a usual TIFF-ticket. If you choose to buy a ticket card with 12 or 22 films, the price per ticket will be lower.

When can I buy tickets?

The ticket sale starts January 13th at 11.00 am

Can a film be sold out?

Yes, due to rights a digital screening can be sold out, just like a regular cinema screening can be sold out! There will be a limited number of tickets available for each film in the TIFF Digital program.

Do I need a festival wristlet to watch films on TIFF Digital??

No, you won’t need a wristlet.

Where can I watch my TIFF-films?

You can watch them on a PC, an iPad/tablet, a smart phone or on your TV, using either AppleTV/Chromecast or by hooking your PC up to the TV with an HDMI-cable. When you buy your ticket(s), you will receive an e-mail giving you access to the each film and information on how to watch it. More information here.

Can I watch films from anywhere in the world?

No, we only have the rights to show films digitally within Norway.

When can I watch the film?

You can watch a film from the time that is specified in the program. The film is available for 48 hours from that time. You have watch the film within that time span.

For example: If the film’s length is 1 ½ hours, you have to start the film no later than 46 ½ hours from the starting time specified in the program.

Also important: Once you have started the film, you must finish watching it within 24 hours from when you started.

Why are there limitations on the time span and the number of tickets to digitale screenings?

This is legally defined by the licensing conditions specified by the owners of the rights to each film. In many cases, digital rights and theatrical rights are held by different companies, and they have vested interests that TIFF has to respect in order to be able to screen the films.

What is the technical quality of these screenings?

The films will be in HD-1080p and H264-encrypted, which is in line with the standard for most known streaming-services. Sound quality will as a rule be stereo.

If you experience a slow connection, you can try selecting a lower picture resolution in the TicketCo player.

If resolution is poor when casting from another device, you can try stopping the player and selecting 1080p instead of «auto».

To achieve a stable, high quality picture, it can be necessary to allow a minute or so for buffering when starting.

Other questions?

Read here or contact us by e-mail at info@tiff.no or call 77 75 30 90.

Enjoy the festival!