Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the following questions and answers will be helpful

Is there a TIFF Shuttle this year?

It unfortunately won't be a shuttle service this year. If you're heading to Hålogaland Teater and are unable to walk, you can take a taxi or use the local bus service. Bus routes 42, 40, 33, and 28 stop at Polaria, which is the closest bus stop.

I have not received my receipt for my ticket. What do I do?

Double check that it is not in your trash bin folder. If it is not there nor in your email inbox by the end of the day, please call us at +47 934 10 034 or email at

Will there be digital film screenings during TIFF 2024?

Yes, there will be a small selection of digital screenings! The screenings will only be available in Norway. Read more about TIFF Digital.

Do I need a festival pass?

TIFF has removed the festival pass and you only need tickets for the screenings and other events.

How can I make the screenings I want to watch appear in a calendar when logged into My Festival? 

When you are logged into My Festival and have marked films as favorites (heart in the upper right cornder), they appear on your My Festival page. If you click and enter the films' description you can find a list of screening times. Choose the screening time you would like to watch by clicking the star. This will make the screening appear with a yellow star also in the calendar, which you can find here. You can also go directly to the calendar and mark the screening there. 

All the screenings will be visible in the calendar, not only the ones you have marked with a star, but you will be able to find the selected screenings by looking for the yellow star. 

Where can I find the festival program?

You can find the festival program here. You can choose if you want to explore the different program sections or find films based on title, A-Z.

Where can I get the catalogue and pocket program?

The printed version of the catalogue can be bought at Aurora Fokus Cinema, our Info Lounge at Kulturhuset or in our online store. The pocket program is available at Aurora Fokus Cinema and the Support Lounge at Kulturhuset. 

If you prefer a digital format the catalogue is available as a free PDF file in our digital archive.

When does the ticket sale start and where do I buy tickets?

The ticket sale will begin on January 8th at 8:00 AM. 

You can purchase tickets either on (the ticket purchase link will be available in the movie descriptions and in the calendar) or on 

If you encounter difficulties in booking tickets on your own device, you can seek assistance and/or purchase tickets physically at the Info Lounge at Kulturhuset.

Read more about tickets

Can I get a refund on tickets, gift cards, ticket cards or accreditation?

Unfortunately we do not refund tickets, gift cards, ticket cards or accreditation.

Why am I not managing to get tickets when I am using my ticket card? 

Double check that you have selected the correct ticket card category (ex. if your ticket card is an Early bird ticket card with 12 tickets, select the Earlybird 12 category).

You can also check if your reference code is correct. All reference codes contains only lower case letters.

Do you have enough tickets left? Check your balance on the main page of Look for the "Check click card balance" in one of the boxes on the right hand side. 

How do I use my accreditation to get tickets?

If you have accreditation you should have received an email with information, but if you have not, please contact The ticket sales for those with accreditation begins at 08:00 on the day before the film you want to watch is being screened. 

How do I get the best overview of my purchased tickets?

Download the TicketCo Wallet-app on your phone or tablet. Follow the instructions in the app. 

Remember to enter the correct email address you used for purchases under 'profile' in the side menu.

How do I buy tickets if I have a carer certificate?

There is a separate ticket category for carer, which you can choose when you buy tickets on our platforms. Carers need to show a carer certificate when tickets are checked at the entrance.

Are there seat reservations at TIFF this year?

There are no seat reservations at this year's festival. During the pandemic, we operated with numbered seats because of restrictions, this year we hope to fill up the halls and therefore do not have numbered seats at any of our venues. This means rush tickets can be purchased for all sold-out screenings.

What is the age limit for the film screenings?

All screenings has a general limit of 15 years for participation at the festival unless otherwise stated.

Where do I get tickets for the screenings in the TIFF UNG section?

Tickets will be handed out at Aurora Kino Fokus one hour before the screening. First come, first served! Read more about TIFF UNG.

Do you have any other questions?

  • Call TIFF's ticket and information desk at +47 934 10 034
  • Send email to:
  • Visit the TIFF Support Lounge at Kulturhuset

Opening Hours Information Desk and Support Lounge:

Mon January 8th: 08:00 – 18:00

Tue-Sun January 9th– 14th: 11:00 – 18:00

Mon-Sun January 15th – 21st: 08:30 – 22:00

N.B. If you wish to contact us outside of the opening hours, please send an email to